Flipt Pictures … eh … what is that?

Mary C. TaylorFlipt Pictures is the animation and illustration studio of Mary C. Taylor. That’s me over there to the right. I draw. Sometimes I’ll bring those drawings to life. On this website you’ll find illustrations and animations I’ve created as personal work and for clients.


My studio name is based on what all of film is made up of … a series of pictures, which when quickly flipped through creates the illusion of movement. My logo, like me, is always striving forward. When she is animated it is one of the most used elements in animation, the walk cycle.


Based in Kansas City, I work to create appealing visuals in order to tell compelling stories.


Most of my work is done digitally. I start with sketches and thumbnails using those tried and true artist’s tools pencil and paper. Then I refine those ideas in software such as Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects and Toon Boom Harmony.

  • Research

    Research story, styles, etc and find reference material.

  • Script

    If this is an animation, work on the script.

  • Sketch

    Work out ideas with thumbnail sketches. If this is an animation, create the storyboard and/or animatic.

  • Create

    Create the illustration or animation.

  • Celebrate

    Something new has just been put out into the world, time to celebrate!


They’re everywhere. I have always loved sitting in a darkened room, amongst strangers, being transported into a new world. So movies have definitely been an influence. I also grew up loving disney animation and you could catch me every Saturday morning sitting on the floor right smack dab in front of the living room tv with my bowl of Cap’n Crunch watching all of those 80s Saturday morning cartoons like The Smurfs, Alvin & The Chipmunks, The Monchhichis, Pac Man, The Littles … I could go on and on. Today, you’ll still catch me at the local movie theatre or at the Nelson-Atkins taking in an art exhibit for a bit of inspiration.

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